Shih Tzu Heat Cycle

Throughout the first portion of the cycle, proestrus, the feminine has a vaginal discharge and is attractive to male dogs, however she is usually unwilling to partner. This period lasts from four to 21 days and may be followed by estrus, a 5- to 13-day interval in which the female has a yellowish discharge and can be receptive to male puppies’ interest. Mating occurs during that time. If she does not become pregnant, the female then enters metestrus (also called diestrus) a span of about 60 to 90 days where no reproduction occurs.

When Does It Affect?
Toy sized puppies like the Shih Tzu have their first heat. It generally happens between 7 months old and the ages of 4. It will many owners to understand that their female will nonetheless be a pup when she first enters a cycle. If you’ve got an un-sprayed Shih Tzu that is female and she has not entered her heat by the 1 year mark, you will want to alarm the vet.

Symptoms of Shih Tzu Dogs in Heat:
– Swollen vulva
– Quantity of discharge of blood from the vulva
– Interest exhibited by male puppies on your pet
– Fatigue
– Cramps
– Discomfort
– Restlessness
– Swelling in the glands
– Increased urination
– Grooming of the vagina
– Change of mood
– Careful to dogs

The Shih Tzu heat cycle can last for 2 to 4 months and happens. Your pet suffer from cramps and might experience some discomfort. Pets prefer to rest in isolation in a area that is cozy during this period and know when they are in heat. Most pets prefer to spend more time close to their bedding area.

Caring for Your Pet at Heat
Though Shih Tzu dogs might have very small quantities of bloody discharge from the vulva, it is essential to maintain your home and your pet tidy. As pet diapers are now available at pet shops, it’s possible to make a diaper is worn by her. Should you want, you can make her wear puppy clothing. You have to ensure that she’s safe, since she will be the middle of attention of all puppies.

Although it’s ideal to keep her inside it might not always be possible. You should make certain you keep her, if you need to take her out. Male dogs can smell a bitch in heat from as far as 3 miles, and they can be aggressive in trying to reach her and she to partner. Considering that the urine of your pet will include blood, puppies can be easily reached by the odor and they will continue to attempt until your bitch is from heat, to storm your house.

In case your shih tzu becomes 6 months old and she’s her menstrual cycle, she will demonstrate these indicators :
1. Portion around the vagina will reveal swelling. The breeder should provide an idea to dog owner to keep the telling of the portion around the vagina prior to the heat of female and after it’s in heat. The dog owner should observe the gap between them. On doing so he will be get the idea if his bitch is in heat or not.

2. Vagina will shiw little blood outside throughout the menstrual cycle. The quantity of releasing of blood from vagina will probably be more whereas in smaller dogs such as shih tzu the number of blood discharge will be significantly less, in case the dog goes back to breed group. Initially colour will be shown by the vagina part and after few days it will become dark red in colour. This is due to the fact that the blood gets blended into other fluids present within the body.

3. If your lady gets her menstrual cycle, the male dogs like shih tzu, bulldogs, great danes, maltese etc. present around your home will show their interest in get mated for your shih tzu female. Even the dogs around your house area gets a notion that your bitch is in heat and such dogs wander near your place. They gets excited and eager to meet with your bitch.


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