Lapex 2000 BCS

Ith many cosmetic lasers for fat reduction, how do you understand which to choose? As a professional who has performed various treatments for customers, here is my review of the Lipo Laser by Meridian Medical (which is different from and must not be confused with Laser Liposuction or Smart Lipo). By directly targeting adipose cells (or fat cells) the Lapex 2000 BCS LipoLaser uses a safe and reliable area fat reduction service that can be applied to numerous problem areas.

The Lapex BCS 2000 LipoLaser was developed to specifically attend to body contouring through inch loss. Administered in unwinding 20 minute sessions(we have a four paddle lipolaser enabling much shorter trreatment times), The Lapex LipoLaser provides inch loss, but without the surgical treatment, the discomfort, or the comprehensive healing time and risks connected with surgery. The Lapex BCS is a 100% Non-invasive, laser-based, inch loss body contouring system, offering the benefits of inch loss in 20 relaxing minutes!

How does the Lapex 2000 BCS LipoLaser Compare to Natural Weight-loss?
The science behind the Lapex 2000 BCS LipoLaser depends on its ability to promote the release of triglycerides from the targeted fat cells. This process, the release of water, totally free fatty acids, and glycerol, from the adipose calls, is not just natural, it is important for the body to function.

The body is an energy machine; it intakes fuel (caloric consumption), it transforms the fuel into an energy source and stores it (as triglycerides in fat cells), and after that releases it when the need arises (fat cells launch saved triglycerides). The difficulty in this great process is that often the body shops more energy than it needs in its fat cells, leading to an increase.

How It Functions:
Lipo Laser uses laser energy to permeate to your fat cells and make them briefly porous (for approximately 3 hours). This enables the fat to get away into the interstitial space (in between the cells) where it can be gotten rid of by either your lymphatic system or by being metabolized by your muscles through workout. In other words: your fat cells are like grapes, and the treatment is like squishing out their insides. Nevertheless, unlike a grape, the insides of your fat cells can return in three hours.

The Treatment:
The client picks a location to target such as the inner thighs or abdomen. Two medium sized rectangular shape paddles are strapped to that area, each with 4 holes where the laser light comes out of. 2 smaller paddles are put on locations that can stimulate your lymphatic system, frequently just listed below your underarms. The two larger paddles are moved every 10 minutes to cover the whole location you desire treated. A lot of sessions are 40 minutes in length. For the customer, there is definitely no pain. There is no experience at all. The only indicator that the machine is even turned on, is the glowing traffic signal that gives off from all four paddles.

This is not a stand-alone treatment and requires that the guest do at least 30 minutes of exercise after the treatment. The fat cells are permeable for around 3 hours, and any contents that are not peed, sweated or exercised out will settle back and reduce the results.

Lots of medical spas will do measurements around certain locations right prior to and after the treatment, normally resulting an about a typical quarter inch loss. Some spas will do several measurements in one location and build up the results. For example, if 3 areas are determined around the abdomen (at the stomach button and one inch above and listed below), and a quarter inch distinction is seen in all three areas, many health spas will claim this is a 3 quarter inch decrease– this can be deceptive.

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