Blue Solar Water Benefits

Water is the most essential beverage for us to survive. We can endure for weeks together without food however without water we might not survive for more than 3 to 5 days in most cases. As all understand, water constitutes practically 70% of our body weight. It for that reason implies that water is needed by all organs and organ systems of the body for their optimal working. Water is required right from hydrating the body to the transportation of nutrients to being involved in a great deal of chemical reactions going on in the body, to name a few.

Blue solar water is not only healthy, but it likewise liberates mental blockades and heals psychological injuries. This water assists us go back to the pure state, in which there are no unfavorable idea. Consuming the blue solar water, you will be filled with love, peace and positivity, and it is more delicious than regular water. Everybody can consume it, even children. All you need is a blue glass bottle, the subtleties are not important. The most important thing is to fill the bottle with filtered, sparkling water or, even much better, with ozonated water. The cap should not be made from metal. You can use a plastic, cork or glass cap.

Why The Color Blue Of All The Colors?
– Blue is the purest and coolest color of the light spectrum.
– It is related to rest, relaxation, sleep, communication, and regeneration.
– Blue reduces high blood pressure and heart rate, alleviates nervousness and tension, and is an extremely relaxing color.
– It is really efficient in the treatment of headaches and sleep conditions.
– Blue is likewise a highly reliable color for meditation, interaction, spiritual growth, and high mental qualities.
– Blue highlights the creative power and provides peace.

The Recovery Benefits of Blue
Blue is relaxing and calming, ideal for regrowth, sleep, and relaxation. Blue reduces blood pressure and heart rate, liquifies anxiety and stress. It works in the treatment of stress and anxiety especially in the type oheadaches and sleep disorders. Blue is also an extremely reliable color for meditation, communication, spiritual growth and high psychological qualities. Blue will help cause the expression of one’s creative power while bringing the specific to a state of peace and holistic balance.

Making Blue Solar Water:
– Fill a blue bottle with water. Have to be Glass and has to be Cobalt Blue Glass not painted glass.
– Do Not use a cap or cover when putting in the sun. The varying temperature level may jeopardize glass and break.
– Location the bottle in direct sunshine or, if direct sunshine is not available, you can place under an intense incandescent lamp for one hour or more.
– Never put under a fluorescent light.

Why you need to consume this water:
1. Because it will assist you, in a gentle method, to alter the mental patterns that created situations in your life you do not desire any more.

2. Because water is important for the body, considering that we are 60% water. Most of the time we are too hectic to consume enough water.

3. Using a coloured bottle is a way to apply colour to the body. “Solar elixirs” have been understood and used for centuries in Colour Treatment. They are, basically, water that has been placed under the sun in a coloured container so that the liquid will take in the Sun’s energy and the energy of the colour of the container.

4. Blue is the colour of the Throat Chakra, the chakra associated to interaction, expression of one’s self and creativity. By drinking Blue Water we are empowering this chakra and balancing, which when deteriorated can lead to a failure to express one’s requirements and opinions, to a feeling of being “choked”.

5. Even if you are not sure you think in the recovery homes of this water, it is just water, it will do you no harm, on the contrary, drinking enough water on a daily basis will improve your skin, your digestion and your basic well-being as your body won’t be making-do with whatever minimum quantity of liquid you decided to offer it that day. There is absolutely nothing to lose and much to win.

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